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April 16, 2007

The IGOS Cryosphere Theme report has been submitted for review and approval at the IGOS-P-14 meeting in Paris on 30 May 2007. After two years of workshops, discussions, and writing, the report is complete. Approximately 80 scientists from 17 countries contributed in one way or another.

The report is long, but it is a crosscutting theme and is unlike the other themes in terms of its scope. The many domains of the cryosphere – glaciers, ice sheets, sea ice, freshwater ice, snow, solid precipitation, and frozen ground – justify the level of detail without compromising the delivery of a complete set of recommendations for each domain.

The document is robust, with comprehensive background material, detailed observational requirements, analyses of shortcomings in the current observing systems, and, of course, a broad set of recommendations. I’m sure it’s not perfect, but it’s close.

Thanks to ALL who contributed.